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Business-friendly environment and thriving high-end tourism


Montenegro is a captivating destination, nestled amidst majestic mountains and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Its diverse landscapes are truly remarkable, ranging from the stunning beaches of Budva to the medieval charm of Kotor. Durmitor National Park is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts, offering breathtaking wonders such as pristine lakes and dramatic peaks. Additionally, the Tara Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world, is a remarkable sight to behold. Those seeking adventure will be delighted with the exceptional winter sports opportunities available at the ski centers of Kolašin and Žabljak. It is safe to say that Montenegro is an ideal destination for both adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. We encourage you to experience its unparalleled beauty for yourself and not miss out on this exceptional opportunity.

Since joining NATO in 2017 and with plans to become a potential EU candidate by 2025, Montenegro has become a stable country with great investment opportunities.

Even thou Montenegro is pro-EU country, it attracts any investors from Russia, Asia and Middle East. It has been recognized as one of safe places to invest due to Euro as currency, low crime rate,  easy process of getting residence permit and opening company,  exponential growth in tourism and and other industries. 

Montenegro is a business-friendly environment with a thriving high-end tourism industry, attracting investors looking for luxurious experiences and value. Aman, Porto Montenegro, Porto Novi, Luštica Bay are some of the most popular high-end  places in Montenegro.

The real estate market 
has seen exponential growth. In 2023  average real estate sales price has grown 40% while rental prices have grown 15-20%  due to high demand. Prices did not see any changes and are expected to grow in years to come. 

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